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Westwood here we come!

We’re leaving our home in ground zero of LA Hell to move to the neighborhood of Westwood (actually 2 blocks south of Westwood). Los Angeles is a broken city, that’s for sure. Nothing like the place I moved to 20 years ago. It might be time to look into British Columbia…


T Bone Burnett rips Big Tech “surveillance capitalists” in blistering SXSW keynote

Full text of speech…

Paiste 2002 Goodness!

Tony Williams playing Paiste 2002 Cymbals

With Stan Getz, Chick Corea, & Stanley Clarke

The case against free

If you are thinking about whether or not you want to pay for someone’s work, you can undertake this thought experiment: if your boss told you that you weren’t going to be paid to go to work tomorrow, but you’re expected to put in a full day regardless, what you would tell them?


“Petty aphorisms like sharing isn’t stealing, for instance, help paper over an otherwise complex issue and excuse ignorance of the broader implications of a phenomenon like media piracy. In this regard, the public is constantly fed variations on the theme that operating a website, which is purposely designed to exchange infringing material and, by virtue of that exchange, earns its owners millions of dollars is somehow not criminal.”

I’m really enjoying my new drums. From 1987 to 1998, I owned a large set of the original Yamaha Recording Customs which I replaced with a set of Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in 1998. Then in 2011, I purchased a smaller set of the Recording Customs with an 18″ bass drum and YESS mounts on the tom-toms. They were beautiful and sounded just like the originals.

Here we are in 2017 and I’m happy to report that this latest edition of the Recording Customs is much improved and highly recommended. The bearing edges are very sharp, the finish is flawless, and the bass drums sound massive! I can’t wait to record with them. If you’re in the market for drums, be sure to try them out.

Yamaha Recording Custom Drums

Some of my Favourite Artists

  • Tony Williams
  • Allan Holdsworth
  • Pat Metheny
  • Keith Jarrett
  • Nik Kershaw
  • Paula Cole
  • Shawn Colvin
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Jan Hammer
  • Bill Bruford
  • The Grays
  • Jeff Buckley
  • Jellyfish
  • The Beatles
  • Badfinger
  • Genesis
  • Yes
  • Frank Zappa
  • Van Halen
  • Miles Davis
  • John Scofield

My first website was built while I was a customer of Toronto ISP “Interlog”.  I think the URL was I purchased my own domain sometime around 2004.

Source: Google, Advertising, Money and Piracy. A History of Wrongdoing Exposed.

Along Similar Lines

Should be available for purchase by the end of April.